Do you want to work for a long-term goal?

A private lesson is in many cases the best way to develop your golf.

I offer private lessons of 55 min. Think a little about your goal(s). Do you want to lower your hcp? Do you want to play to your hcp more often? Do you want to improve your short game? Maybe you just want to be able to drive out your cocky neighbour sometimes? Or do you want to be the best in the world? Regardless of the goal and ambition of your golf, I will give you the conditions and tools to achieve what you want.

PGA short game courses

Time: 5 hours
Time: Every Thursday and Saturday between 15-20
Price: 120 €, max 6 participation / course


The course is aimed for all levels of golfers who want to improve their short game. We are going through a new way of thinking regarding your short game. We will make sure that your short game gets easier, and you will certainly gain some strokes immediately.

14.45 Meeting at the putting green.
15.00-16.30 Putt and Chip theory + exercises
16.30-19.00 Pitch and lobby theory + exercises
19.00-20.00 Bunker theory + exercises